Why to prefer bikes over any other form of transport?

There is not a shadow of doubt that this is a question that has been wondering many of us. You hear over the news and tv shows various people who hearten you to use this kind of transport. Well, first of all there are some issues that we have to make clear. Is using bicycle transport safe enough? Is it faster than walking, for example? What are some key thinks you should know know before buying an original road bike? Those are only some of the questions that we have to look into further.

Bikes are faster

If you decide to walk from home to your office, you are more than supported by us. Overall, you are doing physical activity which is ideal for you. However, when you have to meet the deadlines or you have simply waken up too late, and need to get to work as quickly as possible, the right choice is to trust your transportation to the bike. Not only you will be faster than the people who have decided to walk but you will notice that you have come before others with cars. Usually in the morning time, there are significant traffic jams, which make the whole idea of fast transportation with a car, fade out. Give yourself some more time to sleep and relax and take the bike.

You reduce the global air pollution

Needless to say, not all bikers are wild activists who are trying to save the planet but there is nothing wrong with reducing the carbon emissions that are being thrown in the air. The next time you come home with your bike in hands, think about how you have helped preserving the environment and you will feel much more beneficial.

Saving money

It is quite clear that most of the times it is way cheaper to buy a new bike than a car. What is more, cars expect you to invest greater finances for maintenance which is harmful to your budget. By contrast, once you buy a bicycle, you will be able to use it in the next 10 years, if you manage to keep it in good condition. You will need eventually to replace a flat tyre or something like that. On the whole, it will not be as much as having to repair your car’s engine. Last but not least, when using a car, you are forced to charge with fuel almost every day, which increases your spendings dramatically.

Health benefits

You have probably already heard this but let’s cover it again. The best road bike brands do help you to stay fit and healthy. It is scientifically proven that if you use bike at least 3 times a week, you will soon start feeling much more athletic. Research shows that with an hour of bicycle riding, you are able to burn up to 600 calories. Moreover, commuted bicyclists have said that in an one year period of intensive bike usage, they have lost 15-20 pounds at average.

Easy storage

When comparing the storage area you need for a Genesis bike and for even a small car, you can easily see the multiple times difference. In a garage for a standard vehicle, you may collect various bikes for the whole family. On the other hand, if you and your wife both have cars, the chance of fitting them around is much smaller.

To sum up, bikes nowadays are a fun, cheap and reliable way for transportation. The benefits are countless as you are not helping only yourself but the environment as well. Go get your first bike or dig that old one from the maze and hit the roads to work.

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Put your Old Light Bulbs to Work!

Instead of just throwing away your old light bulbs and contributing towards global waste accumulation, you can recycle them.
Recycling of old light bulbs is done in several ways. Businesses do proper recycling and disposal of light bulbs which is governed usually by state rules and regulations. Households, on the other hand, recycle old light bulbs by converting them into useful everyday household stuff.
If you plan on following the household recycling method, then here are a few ideas that can help you in putting your old light bulbs to work.
Light Bulb Terrarium
For those of you who are not familiar with what Terrarium is, it is basically a small sized indoor garden inside a glass container. In case of a light bulb terrarium, a light bulb serves the purpose of a glass container.
Plants that are best for a terrarium include mosses, ferns and succulents. These plants are low maintenance, they stay small and they prefer shade as well.
Look for a place that gets a good amount of light in order for the plant to grow properly. Placing a light bulb terrarium on your office desk not only gives your desk a stylish edge but it also improves your productivity.
Light Bulb Spice Containers
We all have a hard time finding the right spices and then storing them in our kitchen. Each time we have to cook something we go through the hassle of locating the spices!
Every woman who runs a kitchen will fall in love with this idea. Yes, you can convert you old light bulbs into spice containers and label them as well.
You can also use light bulbs as salt and pepper shakers and avoid spending those extra dollars. You can also use light bulb as containers for straws, pens, pencils, paintbrushes, safety pins, bobby pins and other tiny things that get misplaced way too easily.
Light Bulb Gift Ideas
Light bulbs make amazing gifts. They are just too cute for anyone to resist. Here are some interesting gift ideas.
How about you fill your old light bulb reviews from smartbulbreview.com with small sized candies or chocolates and give them to your friends and family members as a token of love.
Put the dry ingredients of your favorite drink in a light bulb and store it for later. This will save you time, money and will make a wonderful gift as well.
Write quotes on old light bulbs from your friends’ favorite writer, actor, poet, sportsperson or whoever they are fond of; wrap them in a transparent paper and finish them by tying cute ribbons.
What about a mini snow globe from your old light bulb. You can stuff in a small sized Christmas tree and some white crystals to give the effect of snow.
Light bulb Jewelry
This might sound funny but you can even make jewelry out of your old used light bulbs given that they are small in size.
You can craft some mind-blowing necklaces, earrings and necklaces out of those tiny old light bulbs. You need wires, pliers, used light bulbs and beads or stones.
Light bulb decorations
There is a long list of ways in which you can use light bulbs for household decoration. Light bulbs make perfect wall and garden hangings.
You can paint or spray old light bulbs and make amazing ornaments and showpieces. Take glue and stick some pretty beads to a light bulb. You can also convert a light bulb into a vase or a flowerpot.
Christmas decorations can also be done by using old light bulbs. Snowman ornaments, Christmas wreath and tree hangings can all be made out of old light bulbs.
Mentioned above are just few of the ways in which you can reuse any old light bulbs lying around in your house. Use your imagination to come up with more interesting yet useful ideas for recycling old light bulbs.

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Safe ways for Disposing Kitchen Knives

Disposing kitchen knives requires a cautious approach considering the damage that the knives can leave behind. You need disposal containers in which to carry the knives safely. The containers must have a lid to prevent the knives from falling out and cutting the people carrying them. If the knives slip off and fall, they might end up in places where children find and use them inappropriately, thus leading to more injuries and accidents.

At some point, you will have to dispose the stainless steel kitchen knives no matter how long they have served you. For this reason, you have to know where to dispose the knives. You also need to know how to dispose the knives. Some people prefer throwing the knives away as the best way of disposing them. Others prefer giving the knives away. Still, other people prefer to give the knives a new lease of life by polishing, honing and sharpening them properly.

For these reasons, how should you dispose the kitchen knives

Proper wrapping

Regardless of the method of disposing the knives that you choose, it is important that you remember to wrap the blades. The handles are safe and not risky. The blades are the more risky parts of the kitchen knives due to their ability to slice or cut. Tape a piece of cardboard around the blade and it shall be safe to dispose. Old newspapers, bubble wraps and old pieces of clothes can be just as effective at wrapping the blades.


Instead of throwing the knives away, it would be much better to recycle them. The local recycling center would be an excellent place to take the knives so that they are restored to a usable state once more. You should only carry the knives to the local recycling center after wrapping them safely and securely. If unsure about the location of the recycling center, talk with the Department of Environmental Protection to provide you with a list of such places.


Your old knives are never ready for the early grave, no matter how useless you think they have become. You will always find somebody who can make better use of the knives, thus saving you from the constant worrying about how and where to dispose them. The local thrift store would be an excellent location to donate the knives. Before you go to the thrift stores, clean and polish the knives thoroughly so that you are able to donate them while they are in excellent condition.

Donating the knives is great since it allows you to claim tax refunds later. The thrift store owner should be able to provide you with a rough estimate regarding the value of the knives. Let him know of your intention to use the estimate to file tax relief claims. Before disposing the knives, ask yourself how you can save or reclaim them. At times, the stainless steel knives might only need professional sharpening to restore them to an excellent, usable condition.

Therefore, consider the possibility of removing the unpleasant rust spots on the knives before disposing them. If it is possible to replace the damaged and aging knife handles, do not consider disposing them. If you are unable to save the knives in any way, the next best alternative would be to put them out of their misery. The ever-growing rubbish sites need a bit of a respite, thus the importance of finding ways to donate and recycle the knives before disposing them.

Replicate these disposal ideas with all the different types of knives in your possession. The most important measure you should never forget is to wrap the blades so that they are not exposed and capable of causing harm. Always label the disposal containers appropriately so that whoever handles them knows that they contain some sharp objects.

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Electric Vs Gas Lawn Mowers: The Major Pros & Cons

Mowing your lawns effectively can be a tough challenge especially if you are worried about the right tools to maneuver it with. The lawn mower in this context plays a pivotal role, and as is common to most consumer goods, the abundance of choice can many a times be overwhelming.

So should your lawn be a hostage to your lack of indecision or understanding of the right means to tend it with. Of course not! Here is a quick lowdown on the primary feature of the two main types of lawn mowers, the ones powered by electricity Vs the ones that run on oil.

Electric Lawn Mowers: Pros & Cons

First of all, let’s discuss the electricity powered mowers, at the very behest what comes to my mind is a constant search for the nearest pug point or unending length of wires to enable a smooth run across the expanse of your garden. That essentially brings us to a primary distinction between the key types of electric mowers

  • Cordless Mowers
  • Corded Mowers

Here is a look at the key merits and demerits of the electric avatar of lawn mowers

The Big Benefits

  • No fuel filters to be handled neither do you need to change them regularly
  • No oil change required
  • There is no hassle of changing spark plugs
  • Environmental friendly option with no emission of polluting gases like Carbon Dioxide.
  • Relatively a quieter and cleaner option to traditional mowers and their famous drone

The Key Worries

  • In case you decide to buy the corded models, your mobility will surely be impacted
  • On contrary, the cordless variety has a very short battery life and at any given point you cannot mow the lawn more than an hour in one stretch
  • It is difficult to cut thicker grasses using these
  • Using them on wet grass is a big no

Gas Lawn Mowers: Pros & Cons

No, we get on to the better traditional variant, the gas lawn mower. Here is a look at the various features.

The Big Benefits

  • It is far easier cutting through tough grass using these
  • Mobility is never a concern as it runs on gasoline/oil so there is never any cord connecting it to any point
  • Significantly larger areas can be mowed using these as they are never dependent on factors like duration of battery charge.
  • The relative longevity of these lawn mowers is significantly higher
  • Risk of electrocution and, therefore, enhances its usability

The Key Worries

  • The gas mowers are quite heavy and bulky compared to the electrical ones.
  • They are famous for their drone. The sound that gas mowers make can often be very unsettling
  • Regular maintenance is a big part of their upkeep.
  • The pull-start cord used to switch on these mowers can often be quite difficult
  • These are amongst the most polluting lawn mowers constantly emitting Carbon Dioxide.

Making the Big Choice

As is quite apparent, the choice of the mower is closely dependent on the purpose and the budget you have in mind. If you have a smaller space to mow, you can always opt for the cordless electrical one but if you have a larger lawn to handle, trading the annoying drone and the harmful carbon dioxide in return of efficiency and swiftness of service would sound to be a more prudent one. Our needs with respect to gardens and lawn mowing differ from person to person, and it is very important to cater to basic requisite.

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Remodeling Your Shower: What to Do If You Find Mold

Each year, thousands of homeowners make the decision to have their showers remodeled. Many of those homeowners enjoy doing their remodeling but there are others who feel as if they opened up a can of worms. Those homeowners are likely the unlucky bunch who find mold in their shower. If you were remodeling your shower and you find mold do you know what to do? Unfortunately a large number of individuals would not.

Before you familiarize yourself with what you should do if you find mold in your shower or around your favorite shower head it is important to examine what mold is. Mold is scientifically described as being a microscopic fungus. This fungus not only looks unattractive but it can be dangerous. While some types of mold are considered relatively harmless, there are other types of mold that are considered toxic. Unfortunately due to the moisture that can be found inside most bathrooms black toxic mold can be found in thousands of showers in the United States. If you start to remodel your shower and you find mold under your toilet or even under you floor tiles there is a good chance that you may have black mold on your hands.

As previously mentioned black mold is often defined as being a toxic mold. This is because it is one of the most dangerous types of all molds. In addition to having respiratory problems you may develop headaches, skin rashes, fevers, and other flu-like symptoms. Although your first impulse may be to remove the mold yourself, you may want to rethink your decision to do so. When mold is improperly removed mold spores can spread throughout the rest of your home. That is why it may be good to call upon a professional. That professional will likely be a mold removal specialist or an air quality control specialist.

Although it can be quite expensive to have your mold tested and removed, you will want to do so. If your mold is not taken care of professionally it can begin to spread and even move into other parts of your home. Once you have had all of your mold removed from your bathroom no matter what type of mold it is you will want to take steps to prevent another mold outbreak from occurring in the future. You can easily do this by incorporating a few extra projects into your shower remodeling plan. It may be a good idea to make sure that your shower has a fan installed in it.

If you do not already have a shower fan installed in your bathroom you will want to get one right away. It has been noted that working shower fans help to eliminate the moisture that mold, particularly black mold, thrives off of. No matter what type of bathroom fan you would like to purchase, whether it be a traditional shower fan or a decorative one, you should be able to find whatever you are looking for online or at one of your local home improvement stores.

Regardless of where you purchase a shower fan from, you are advised to purchase one, even if you don’t already have a mold problem. Shower remodeling projects even relatively small projects can get quite costly. For that reason you will want to make sure that you do everything to protect your newly remodeled shower from being attacked by mold. Be sure to contact your local contractor or home inspector to check for any type of mold before you begin your shower remodeling project.

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